RF Distribution Units

Radio Design Group has been developing and manufacturing RF distribution units for over 15 years.  Our extensive experience during that period has resulted in one of the most advanced RF distribution units for SIGINT applications available, the RFDU-300.

The RFDU-300 is a multipurpose RF distribution unit designed to interface between various platform antennas and receiving systems.  Building on the foundation of its proven predecessors, the RFDU-300 provides the functions of commutation, test switching, test and calibration noise generation, RF notch filtering and RF matrix switching in a compact reliable package.

The RFDU-300 is notable for its advanced filter design. In DSP-based receiver systems signals higher than the dynamic range of the system can cause either overload or an increase in the apparent noise floor.  Our proprietary band-reject filters provide a digitally controlled notch over multi-octave ranges that solves this problem.  Frequencies range from a low of 10 kHz all the way up to 18 GHz.  A big advantage is our ability to reject frequencies over a wide range without affecting the remaining bandpass, a feature unique to our systems.

Whether it is for SIGINT, ELINT or other applications, Radio Design Group can design an RFDU tailored to meet your requirements.  Just contact us for further information.