Comprehensive Program Support

Comprehensive program support includes development, sustainment and obsolescence mitigation.

RF and wireless systems are among the most complex developments undertaken.  Unlike many digital applications, “off the shelf” systems are not readily available for the majority of radio-related systems, especially those in the military arena.

Radio Design Group has extensive experience in quick turn military RF projects, including several that have been particularly challenging.  The key to our success in these endeavors is our system of comprehensive program support, with active involvement in all phases of design, development and sustainment.

In any system, there are a number of trade-offs that must be made during the specification process.  In making the inevitable choices it is easy for the program to go off the rails even before it starts.  This is especially the case in RF applications, where there are competing interests of gain, dynamic range, noise figures and a host of other parameters to consider, all of which affect each other.  Radio Design Group has extensive experience in knowing what is most important, and making the right choices when it comes to RF specifications.

In addition, our experience team of RF and digital engineering specialists will suggest options that minimize “feature creep.”  During the specification process, we look specifically for key features and performance requirements that might have been overlooked.  This reduces the possibility of future unplanned changes, with attendant schedule delays and increased costs.

During the design process, engineers focus not only on performance, but also life-cycle costs.  For many applications, a slightly higher initial cost results in a more ruggedized unit, with a corresponding reduction in sustainment costs.  Attention to details such as maintainability, ease of testing, and easy to use interfaces are also an important part of the engineering process.

Once in production, our rigid quality assurance program ensures consistently high performance and reliability.  Our ongoing repair and maintenance service offers quick turn-around, and CASREP units get special attention to minimize downtime.

Finally, Radio Design Group recognizes the need to stay on top of obsolescence issues.  The rapid pace of technological change, especially in the field of RF and communications, creates constant end-of-life component issues, especially in long-term programs.  We have sustainment programs on systems that date back to 2004.  When a component or system becomes obsolete, we immediately work to find new parts, even if it means a circuit redesign.  We stand behind all of our systems for as long as the customer needs them!