RF Systems & Engineering to Meet the Electronic Warfare Needs of Today's Military

Technological advances have led to dramatically increased capabilities in mission performance.  But along with increased capability comes greater complexity.  If poorly managed, this results in programs that extend well beyond schedule and have serious cost-overrun issues.  This is especially true in RF and wireless systems, where engineering becomes very complex.  At Radio Design Group, our focus is on on RF and wireless design, engineering and manufacturing.  Our military efforts are an offshoot of our commercial work, where cost and schedule are paramount.

Our Approach...

We bring our commercial design and manufacturing experience to DoD programs, while maintaining awareness of the special needs of the defense industry.  Instead of treating DoD programs as “just another government contract,” we pay close attention to customer needs, just as we would for any commercial client.  A big advantage:  COTS is not just a buzzword for us;  We have an extensive commercial portfolio, allowing us to design military systems with genuine COTS cost savings.

“Good enough for government work” is not good enough for us.  At Radio Design Group, our mission is to ensure that whatever system we create meets the requirements of the mission, both initially and long term.  This involves getting the specifications right, including understanding inevitable performance tradeoffs, reducing ongoing engineering changes due to “feature creep,” and providing value engineering, to reduce manufacturing and sustainment costs.

Requirements rarely end with simple development programs.  Once the system is designed and prototyped, Radio Design Group provides ongoing support as well.  This includes complete manufacturing, automated testing to ensure 100% system performance, and complete RMA repair services for the life of the program.  In addition, we provide obsolescence mitigation engineering, to extend program life well beyond the typical commercial product lifetime, a need that is vital to long-term DoD systems in a rapidly changing wireless world.

  • The Problem:

RF and wireless development is generally complex, and not many companies do it well. In this case, it really is “rocket science.” There are the development issues, such as:

      • Getting the specification right.
      • Understanding the trade-offs between various requirements.
      • Ongong engineering changes during development (aka, “feature creep”).
      • Lack of value engineering, resulting in cost overruns.

Even once development is complete, there are ongoing program support issues, such as:

      • Difficulty in getting repair and refurbishment support.
      • Ongoing comprehensive testing to ensure performance of complex RF systems.
      • Obsolescence mitigation, especially important in long-term programs.
  • The Solution:  Radio Design Group’s comprehensive program support system.

Exactly what is comprehensive program support?  We take ownership of all program technical aspects, including specification development, RF , digital and software engineering, manufacturing and ongoing program support, including repairs, testing and test systems, and obsolescence mitigation.

​Who is Radio Design Group?  We are an engineering and development company, specializing in high volume commercial product design, as well as applying COTS technology to military applications, such as RF distribution systems for SIGINT, EMP and jam resistant communications, and other military RF systems.  Click on the link at the right to visit the main Radio Design Group, Inc. website.

RF Distribution Units:  Radio Design Group produces and supports advanced RF distribution units for the US Navy.  Each of these systems has advanced RF filtering which solves the dynamic range issues commonly found in today’s DSP based SIGINT systems, along with state-of-the-art RF matrix switching, direction finding capability and extensive built-in test facilities.  Click the link at left for complete information on our advanced RF distribution solutions.

Ruggedized communications:  Radio Design Group has developed several ruggedized communications systems, including a highly jam-resistant communications waveform, MVSK, or m-ary variable shift keying.  A flexible waveform that can be tailored to fit exact system needs, unaffected even by following, or “look-through” jammers.  Click on the link at left for more detailed information on this and other ruggedized communications systems, such as EMP resistent systems.

Communications jamming simulation solutions:   Radio Design Group is proud to be a part of the MCREWS (Modular Covert Remote Electronic Warfare Simulator) program at the US Army’s Electronic Proving Ground. Click on the link at left for information on our communications jamming solutions!

Contact information: We pride ourselves on high quality, responsive customer service. We work both directly with government agencies, as well as performing as subcontractors to others. Click on the link at left for complete contact information: Let us show you how we can meet your EW needs!